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What’s The Difference Between Green Bananas And Those Bananas You Already Are Familiar With?

What’s The Difference Between Green Bananas And Those Bananas You Already Are Familiar With?

There are many types of bananas out there, but the most popular ones are green bananas and yellow bananas. The difference between the two? Green bananas are just the unripe versions of the yellow bananas we are familiar with. Banana farmers will harvest bananas while they’re still green to prevent them from becoming overripe by the time they are ready to sell.

But if green bananas are still unripe, why do people consume them? To answer this question, we need to understand the scientific differences between green and yellow bananas.


A ripe banana will be a bright yellow color, with spots of brown dotted all over it. A green banana, on the other hand, will be light green all over with no browning.


We associate yellow bananas with creamy sweetness. However, green bananas have a more neutral, even bland taste.


Yellow bananas are soft and mushy, whereas the texture of a green banana is hard, firm, and even waxy. You cannot peel green bananas with ease, and you may need to cut them to access the unripe fruit inside. 

Chemical Composition

You would be surprised to know that yellow bananas are 91% sugar and only 9% starch! In contrast, green bananas are almost 70-80% resistant starch, leaving only little room for the glucose content. 

How can a fruit change so drastically? In the process of ripening, the starches present in the green banana slowly convert into simple sugar. Sometimes, ripe bananas have only 1% of starch!


Yellow bananas are chock-full of antioxidants, cancer-fighting properties, and a high glycemic index. As a result, they are easier to digest. However, the process of aging tends to dull the power of its vitamins and minerals. A ripe banana is almost all sugar. 

Green bananas have high amounts of resistant starch and a low glycemic index. The low volume of sugars makes it so that it is digested slowly, leaving us feeling fuller for longer. It has vitamins like B6 and C, and important minerals like potassium.

Green bananas are surely a nutritious choice for your next snack. They are also very versatile, so you can use them to make savory or sweet dishes! 

You can cut up green bananas, fry them, and serve them as chips. Or, you can mash them up and season them to form delicious burger patties. Here at Natural Heaven, we took advantage of the neutral palette of a green banana to create a variety of snacks that are healthy and feel indulgent at the same time! 

Our keto-friendly green bananas Bantastic Brownie Crisps are a prime example. Packed with the goodness of dark chocolate and the low glycemic index of green banana flour, these brownie crisps are scrumptious and totally guilt-free. 

We made the green banana Bantastic Brownie Crisps to combat those dangerous sweet cravings. These brownie crisps are a great snack that aids weight loss, promotes good gut health, and keeps you full for longer. And they have a light and crunchy texture, with rich dark chocolate chunks? Grab a box today!
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