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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the ingredients?

Hearts of Palm, Only on Pastas and Brown Rice. White rice has Hearts of Palm, Sea salt, Malic acid. .

Where can I find the nutrition facts?

Here for Brown Rice and Pastas:

For the White rice

It is grain-free?

Yes, is made only with hearts of palm..

How to store?

You can keep it in the pantry until the expiration date, after open, refrigerate for 3 days..

What comes inside my package?

The regular package comes with 6 units of the (spaghetti, lasagna. angel hair, or sampler) in single packages, and the ecobox is a green package that comes with 4 pouches inside the shipping box. as we do not pack the single units we can save water, trees and you can save money..

Are the hearts of palm sustainable?

Yes, 100%!!

We use the species Bactris Gasipaes, when we cut the plant more than 3 grows from each cut, also we help the local economy, most of the hearts of palm comes from little farmers. .

How many carbs?

4g of carbs per serving or 2 net carbs per serving.

How many calories?

70 calories per box (pouch) or 25 calories per serving.

I'm allergic, do you guys share the production lines?

No, at the moment we only produce hearts of palm so the product does not have any nuts there.

Does it contain gluten?

No, is gluten-free.

What is ecobox?

Ecobox is a green package that comes with 4 pouches inside the shipping box..

How to prepare?


  • Remove the product from the bag
  • Mix with your sauce
  • Heat it for 4 minutes
  • Serve
What is hearts of palm?

The hearts of the palm is the inner part of the palm tree.

Where can I find it locally?

You can check our store locator on this site menu

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