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KETO & PALEO FRIENDLY Natural Heaven Pasta

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How does Natural Heaven Taste?

The hearts of palm taste is often compared to artichokes and described as light, mild and crunchy. 99% of our clients says that our amazing pasta substitute Taste as Good as Regular Pasta, it is juicy, crunchy and delicious.

What Is Heart of Palm?

Heart of palm is a type of vegetable, it is incredibly versatile and often used as a meat substitute for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet. It’s also revered for its health-promoting properties and is especially rich in fiber, protein, manganese, iron and vitamin C.

Does Natural Heaven have to be refrigerated?

No, but you need to store in a refrigerator after opened for up to four days.

What is the Shelf Life?

16 months

Where can I buy?

You can buy at AmazonEat Natural Heaven, or you can visit Wheretobuy