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Free Shipping on Orders over $60 🎁 + 30-day Free Return
Free Shipping on Orders over $60 🎁 + 30-day Free Return
What's the taste of Hearts of Palm?

It has a slightly bitter-sweet flavor that complements your seasonings and sauces, providing a tasty low-carb alternative to your meals.

How do I store properly?

Our vacuum-sealed, shelf-stable packing require no refrigeration, allowing you to easily store them in your pantry for ultimate convenience.

Do I have to rinse it?

Rinsing our Hearts of Palm pasta and rice enhances flavor by removing excess liquid. while our prepared meals and creamy mash don't require rinsing.

Is it really good for diabetics?

The pasta and sides can help lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity, besides it's a great source of fiber, zinc and potassium.

Nutrition expert Thomas DeLauer recommends Natural Heaven's Hearts of Palm Pasta

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