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 Our Story

Hello my dearest, is Raphael here, the creator of Natural Heaven.

Firstly, when I personally think of my definition of what eating well is supposed to be, I simply can’t let go of the idea of balancing disruptive innovation with pleasant foods. Since the beginning of time, that is what always drives me to this never stop journey towards the highly functional goods land, to suit basically almost every lifestyle putting away all the differences between nutrition and good tasting.

"Our dream at Natural Heaven is to create the best food replacements to make our lovely customer thrive"
We are carried by these simple values:
Freedom to eat deliciously
Sustainability to always be in sync with the Earth.
Health comes first.

If you wonder, way down inside, what makes Natural Heaven better for you, I would say that after so many years of endless research and development, my team and I have finally succeeded in finding the most sustainable technique and designing the best lines to cut and trim the Hearts of Palm to perfection resulting in some fantastic substitutes real close to the previous experience helping people in America to overcome their diabetic issues and improving the quality of life of so many others.


We at Natural Heaven invite you to take a look at our collection and feel the warmest embrace of an entire menu of delicious and functional goods that we create around one key ingredient, which is the Hearts of Palm. Going from the killer cravings of Spaghetti and the magical White Rice all mixed into a short clean-label ingredients combination, to the Creamy Mash Palm and the Ready-to-eat dishes inspired by different cuisines and cultures.
Natural Heaven foods also fit into multiple lifestyles such as Keto, Low-Carb, Kosher, Vegan, Paleo, and Gluten Free.


Our horizon is always expanding and you can definitely wait for more surprises.


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