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Free Shipping on ORDERS over $60.00


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Variety Pasta - Hearts of Palm - 6 count


This was really better than anything I’ve tried that’s comparable. I enjoyed this with butter

So many peppers

Both the Szechuan and mediteranean were full of peppers. Not sure why. Can't eat peppers so pretty disappointed. Less or no pepper option would be great.

Not palatable

Sorry, but didn’t like the taste.


The spaghetti is good but the brown rice isn't wish I had not bought it.

It is yummy with some butter and seasonings and maybe some cheese!


They taste wonderfully sinful but I don’t think they caused a sugar spike. My only complaint is they arrived in pieces and crumbs. I will order more.


Taste was good but they were all crumbs!

Natural Heaven White Rice is good

Being Keto with another household member with difficulty chewing, this is a great rice and pasta substitute. It adds texture to our sauces and things like stroganoff. Tastes good!

Subtle flavor

I like the Mediterranean and Southwest, although I personally would prefer a bolder flavor, and I needed to add salsa to the southwest and infused olive oil to the Mediterranean. I found the Szechuan almost flavorless and didn’t want to add soy sauce because of the sodium. They keep my blood sugar very low. I will reorder the two I like.

Brown rice

I just do not like the taste.

White Rice - Hearts Of Palm - 6 count

Pricey but Tasty

It is a better rice replacement -- taste and texture are superior to cauli-rice or shirataki. Too costly per serving for my budget, though.

Meh, Not Worth It.

The sourness of the malic acid is overwhelming. Not worth the price, I'll stick with zoodles or shirataki as a pasta replacement.


All six bags were full of sand size crumbs. I think got about 3 actual size cookies and some small morsels.

With plenty of sauce it is very good.

Once I got used to the chewy texture and used a bit more sauce than usual it was very tasty and filling.

So good!!!

I love them!

Tastes great

Being a diabetic it is hard to find food that done spike me and I LOVE the brown rice. It tastes great and is perfect for my diet.

Good but was all crumbs

We really liked, but most of it was crumbs due to shipping I guess. Really need to have better protection

Most awesome

Love all of your products!!!


The spaghetti will pick up the flavor of the sauce. It is filling and easy to fix. It doesn’t raise my blood sugar like normal pasta.

White Rice - Hearts Of Palm - 6 count