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Free Shipping All Orders $60 or more 🎁 + 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee


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Great product

Really love this product, my favorite food is rice but since I have been dealing with diabetes I can't eat it because it spike my sugar terribly but this product has been a life saver. I made rice and beans, rice with shrimp, rice with chicken and it all came out delicious, even my husband that is a chef , loved it . Thank you for having such a great product that people with insulin resistance issues can eat without having the glucose spike up ❤

Hearts of palm rice

It is a bit deferent texture than the real stuff but I think it is delicious in my rice dishes


We Are enjoying your pasta have had rice and spaghetti both were very good thank you


These Brownie Crispy Snacks are so good! You can eat them as a cracker or crumble over some yogurt or over a smoothie.

I have not received an order from your company yet.

Really good!!

I am extremely happy with this product!!

Yummy Crunchy, Chocolatey Snack

Too bad the box is so SMALL!!!!!!!

Was Very Pleasantly Surprised !

Loved these, especially the chocolate chips in them.

The texture isn't for me

The pasta has a mushy and a weird texture. The rice is ok.

White Rice

Taste is okay, rice is a little soft. Would like a firmer texture. I tried frying a little of it, and that seemed like it might help.

New Bundle Variety Pasta and Sides - 6 count

Love these products!

We’ve made chicken fried rice and spaghetti so far and have enjoyed both very much!

Sour, not good

Tried the white rice, very sour. Not good at all!


To be perfectly honest I was quite skeptical about the Hearts of Palm White Rice. It just didn't compute in my mind. However, the amount of carbs in regular rice was more than I wanted so I thought what the heck I'll give it a try. I prepared it as directed and added some salsa chicken that I had made in my InstantPot and it was delicious! Even better than when made with regular rice! I am excited now to try it with other combinations and have no reason to believe that it wouldn't work as well. The texture is amazing. Get some!

I think I'm cheating with CHO

My mind is easily convinced with sauce.

Angel Hair - Hearts of Palm Pasta - 6 count

Love the Rice!

Yea I said rice. Tastes just like the real thing and better texture than cauliflower rice. I’ll buy again and again.

This is an amazing product

My husband and I love this product. Can’t believe this is hearts of palm. You can change the taste just by adding different seasonings. Thanks for such a great product.!!!!!

Super crunchy

Almost too crunchy! Slight burnt taste, like the corners of a brownie, I liked them. I like the pasta better.

Angel Hair - 9oz (255g) 1 count
Tannya Miller Juzix
Heavenly Cabbage Pasta Salad

I have been experimenting with vegetables so I can make my meals more interesting and healthy. Into my Instant Pot I drizzled olive oil just to cover bottom of pot, I added 1/2 large cabbage: slicing into medium size pieces. Then carrots, celery and onions chopped into medium pieces . 3/4 cup vegetable broth. Salt, pepper and squeeze of lemon juice. Close lid, high pressure for 12 minutes, drain retaining juices for later use. Add a box of Natural Heaven Angel Hair pasta and mix. Add some crumbled Asiago cheese and enjoy your healthy meal.

Hearts of Palm

Finally the packaging and prep.for this product is improved. A good alternative, but it really needs to be softened in sauce or water to become really tasty.

Brown Rice

Looking for a keto pasta I can use and enjoy. This rice is as close to “real” rice I have found.