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KETO & PALEO FRIENDLY Natural Heaven Pasta

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Health Benefits

Thanks to its content of both fiber and manganese, heart of palm can help you maintainnormal blood sugar to sidestep negative symptoms.Hearts of palm also contains manganese that may also play a role blood sugar control, recently studies are suggesting that a deficiency in manganese could impair insulin secretion and carbohydrate metabolism.


Easy to Prepare
  1. Gently remove pasta from bag
  2. Mix with your choice of sauce or recipe
  3. Heat until warm. Stovetop: 4min / Microwave 1min
  4. Enjoy your low carb dish!
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Sustainable Harvesting

Natural Heaven pasta is made from hearts of palm which provide resources to the ecosystem of Central America and oxygen to Earth's atmosphere and natural beauty. These sustainable harvesting techniques allow the plant to naturally regenerate up to three stems in place of each cut. After harvest, we carefully clean and slice each heart, and package it without any added moisture or preservatives. Our pasta is entirely free of grains, gluten and additives. It also shares a light, al dente texture, color and taste similar to traditional pastas and noodles.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Macht

Sampler Pack - Angel Hair / Spaghetti / Lasagna - 2 of Each (54oz)

Carol Ritter

Sampler Pack - Angel Hair / Spaghetti / Lasagna - 2 of Each (54oz)

M. L.
I hated it!! Threw 5 packages out!


Brian Alexander

Very versatile. Offers a crunch that can be cooked to desired texture and midges well with any “pasta” dish. We’ve made Alfredo and taco lasagna! Delicious. Will keep buying

Surprisingly Satisfying

Let’s be honest! We use rice and pasta to either absorb or give our sauces something to cling to. That is what these products do. They help us consume more of the sauces that we flavor our dishes with. I use the rice and pasta products for just that purpose. However, you need to set your expectation levels appropriately. You are not going to get the glucose rush that rice and pasta give you. The taste is different because it really does not add it’s own flavor profile to the dish. The texture, especially with the pasta, is a little more “chewy.” So why do I use these products then? To get more flavor, and a more flavorful, enjoyable meal. If you enjoy eating, dieting at the same time, or need to avoid gluten, then I highly recommend these products!