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KETO & PALEO FRIENDLY Natural Heaven Pasta

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Health Benefits

Thanks to its content of both fiber and manganese, heart of palm can help you maintainnormal blood sugar to sidestep negative symptoms.Hearts of palm also contains manganese that may also play a role blood sugar control, recently studies are suggesting that a deficiency in manganese could impair insulin secretion and carbohydrate metabolism.


Easy to Prepare
  1. Gently remove pasta from bag
  2. Mix with your choice of sauce or recipe
  3. Heat until warm. Stovetop: 4min / Microwave 1min
  4. Enjoy your low carb dish!
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Sustainable Harvesting

Natural Heaven pasta is made from hearts of palm which provide resources to the ecosystem of Central America and oxygen to Earth's atmosphere and natural beauty. These sustainable harvesting techniques allow the plant to naturally regenerate up to three stems in place of each cut. After harvest, we carefully clean and slice each heart, and package it without any added moisture or preservatives. Our pasta is entirely free of grains, gluten and additives. It also shares a light, al dente texture, color and taste similar to traditional pastas and noodles.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Deborah Maready

We love them

Samantha Penedo

Angel Hair - Hearts of Palm Pasta - 4 or 6 Pack

Teresa Mitchell
Great Product

I love this stuff for a quick, easy, tasty meal.

Alan Krugel
Not What I Expected

The spaghetti is something I am going to have to give away. The angel hair is better but in very small servings.
I really thought that the taste would be close to pasta.

Karen Luhman
Best Pasta Ever

I am avoiding white flower products and have tried every alternate pasta I could find and not crazy about any of them I tried the hearts of palm angel hair pasta and it is a winner it has the mouth feel of cooked pasta and takes on the flavor of whatever sauce you put on it I am on my third re-order and will eat this as long as they make it