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10 Telltale Signs That You May Not Be Drinking Enough Water

10 Telltale Signs That You May Not Be Drinking Enough Water

We’ve all heard that the human body is made up of at least 70% water. Water is absolutely integral to normal cell functioning in the body. From tissues to muscles to organs, every little system in our bodies needs water to function efficiently! 

But, it can be hard to remember to drink water regularly. Worried you’re not getting your daily six to eight eight-ounce glasses of water? Here are some signs that you might face if you’re experiencing dehydration or simply not getting the required amount of water in. 

1. Fatigue

Exhaustion and fatigue are very common signs of dehydration. Often, tiredness is chalked up to lack of sleep or excessive work. But, sometimes, the answer is as simple as — drink more water! Not drinking enough water can cause energy levels to dip and may even result in brain fog. 

2. Chronic Bad Breath

If you’re not getting enough water, an unwelcome symptom you may experience is persistent bad breath. Saliva production relies on water intake, and if you don’t drink enough water, your body produces less saliva. Less saliva means less rinsing, which in turn means more bacteria growing in your mouth and causing your breath to stink. 

3. Dark Urine/Reduced Urine 

Dark urine and reduced urine are obvious signs of dehydration. Our kidneys accumulate toxins when there’s less water in our bodies. This gives the urine a dark color and foul odor. Ideally, you should be visiting the restroom 4-7 times a day, but dehydration may cause you to urinate less. A hydrated body will produce clear urine without a strong scent. 

In extreme cases, dehydration can lead to urinary tract infections. 

4. Constipation

One of the more painful symptoms of dehydration is constipation. Water maintains the digestive system by making the stool softer and allowing easy passage through the tract. Lack of adequate hydration can cause you to pass hard or lumpy stools and experience bloating. 

5. Muscle Aches

Did you know that the muscles in our body can seize up and start to cramp more often if you aren’t getting enough water? The more you sweat and the less water you drink, the more your muscles start to ache. 

6. Skin Problems

Less water intake can also indirectly cause your skin to break out. If your body is dehydrated, it manifests in the form of dry skin and increased sebum production, which can lead to acne. Drinking enough water helps retain our skin’s elasticity and makes it more youthful. 

7. Frequent Headaches

Do you often experience headaches? Out of the three major reasons why we get headaches — lack of food, lack of sleep, and lack of water — lack of water is the most important but often overlooked. Sometimes, your body just needs the simplest things to make it work better. 

8. Constant Thirst

Being constantly hungry, thirsty, and craving sugar is one of the most obvious ways to tell whether you’re dehydrated. When you feel thirsty all the time, it simply means your body needs more water! 

9. Slow Metabolism 

Dehydration is also known to decrease your metabolism. A lower metabolic rate can cause you to start putting on weight and fall sick more often. The body can confuse thirst with hunger, which can lead you to overeat if you’re dehydrated. 

10. Premature Aging 

Not getting your daily intake of water also kickstarts the aging process much sooner. Your skin will lose its bounce and muscles can become weaker and prone to seizing up more often. Drinking enough water daily is thus crucial for your overall health. 

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