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Drinking Water Lose Weight: Truth Or Myth?

Drinking Water Lose Weight: Truth Or Myth?

Water makes up around 60% of our bodies. It is necessary for our bodies to carry out crucial bodily functions that keep us alive.

And while staying hydrated is beneficial for several reasons including healthy, glowing skin, there is also a prevalent belief that drinking water aids weight loss. In fact, nearly 30-59% of American adults tend to increase their water intake when trying to lose weight.

But, how effective is water for weight loss? Let’s take a look.


Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Water?

Water in itself does not have any properties that lead to weight reduction.

However, it can indirectly assist with weight loss and be a tool to help you progress on your fitness journey.

Studies suggest that drinking water can aid in weight loss regimes and help individuals lose weight when coupled with dietary and lifestyle changes.

How? Let’s look at how drinking water is connected to weight loss.

Helps Burn Calories

Drinking water can help you burn more calories by increasing your resting energy expenditure rate.

Within 10 minutes of drinking water, the resting energy expenditure of adults can increase by up to 30%, and its effects last over 60 minutes.

This effect is enhanced when the water is cold as the body needs to expend even more calories to warm the water to body temperature.

Drinking water can thus lead to weight loss by causing the body to burn more calories.

Reduces Appetite And Snacking

Drinking water before a meal can help you feel full quicker since it acts as an appetite suppressant, thereby reducing your appetite. Studies have shown that adults can lose up to 2 kgs over 12 weeks by drinking water before a meal.

If you have a glass of water before any meal, you can reduce your appetite and your calorie intake, ultimately aiding in weight loss. Drinking water after a meal will also help you digest your food better.

Water also helps reduce snack cravings. Very often our bodies tend to confuse thirst with hunger. So, if you feel the need to snack despite having had a full meal, it could be that you’re simply thirsty. A glass of water will reduce your cravings and help you keep away from high-calorie junk snacks.

Calorie-Free Substitute For Beverages

A leading cause of weight gain is the consumption of beverages that are high in sugar and calories. Drinking water instead of such beverages, be it alcohol or soda, can thus reduce the amount of calories and sugar you are consuming and help with weight loss.

Additionally, water also helps cleanse and filter the body, while keeping it well hydrated. Other liquids such as caffeine and alcohol can have the opposite effect.

Aids With Workouts

A major component of any weight loss regime is a proper workout, and water is essential to help you remain in good form.

Adequate water consumption helps muscles, joints, and connective tissues move properly, and helps the lungs, heart, and other organs to work effectively while you exercise.

Staying hydrated can also reduce muscle cramps and fatigue and allows you to work out better. It is thus important to drink water before, during, and after workouts.



Staying hydrated is important for several reasons, especially for those who wish to cut calories and lose weight. While drinking around 2 liters of water a day is generally recommended, some people may need to consume more water.

How much water you need to drink depends on your lifestyle, activity, and food intake.

If you’re unable to just drink water throughout the day, you can also fulfill your hydration requirements by having fruits and vegetables that are high in water content instead.

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