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What Does Heart Of Palm Taste Like? Does Heart of Palm Taste Good?

What Does Heart Of Palm Taste Like? Does Heart of Palm Taste Good?

Hearts of palm are the soft, fleshy, edible core of certain palm trees such as coconut, palmetto, and acai palm. Given how nutritious they are, hearts of palm are becoming increasingly popular amongst health-conscious individuals.

They’re also very versatile and can work as a great option for pasta lovers looking for a healthier alternative as hearts of palm pasta are ideal for low-carb recipes.

If you’ve ever seen hearts of palm, you may have wondered what it tastes like, and how people use them in so many different keto recipes. Well, let’s find out!


What Does Hearts of Palm Taste Like?

Although popular in parts of Asia and Latin America, hearts of palm are most commonly harvested in Costa Rica and Brazil.

Some people state that fresh hearts of palm closely resemble artichokes both physically and in flavor, but hearts of palm are crunchier and have a milder flavor.

Canned hearts of palm, on the other hand, have a slightly acidic taste and lack the subtlety and crunch of the fresh ones.

Hearts of palm have a fairly unique taste and taste great in all kinds of dishes as their delicate flavor is compatible with many other flavor profiles. Though unconventional, they are extremely popular mainly due to their unbelievable high nutritional value and antioxidants they offer. They are also low in fat with very few calories and a great substitute for meat or seafood.


How Do You Cook Hearts of Palm?

Raw hearts of palm look like unfried, fat mozzarella sticks, and they are firm like linguini noodles. They can be cut and cooked to substitute pasta in all kinds of Italian dishes, including gluten-free lasagna.

You can also chop them up and add them to salads raw and use them for different keto recipes.

Here are some fun ways you can have hearts of palm:

  • Hearts of palm salad with avocado and mango
  • Vegetable stew with hearts of palm
  • Apple and avocado salad with hearts of palm
  • Creamy mashed hearts of palm dip
  • Hearts of palm risotto
  • Roasted hearts of palm

Apart from being an excellent pasta substitute, hearts of palm can also be used instead of meat and seafood. It also goes well with different fruits and vegetables and makes for a lovely side dish!


Why Are Hearts of Palm Used In So Many Dishes?

Hearts of palm is an extremely popular ingredient and for good reason. Aside from their delicate flavor and texture that make them a wonderful addition to various recipes, they are also extremely healthy.

Here are some benefits of using hearts of palm in your favorite dishes:

  • High in protein
  • Help lower blood sugar
  • Rich in fiber
  • Rich in vitamin D and vitamin A
  • High in antioxidants
  • High in nutrients such as iron, zinc, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium
  • Powerful source of folate



Hearts of palm are interesting to look at, but they have an even better taste. They’re also a great substitute for a variety of ingredients to help you achieve a healthier diet.

Natural Heaven pasta is made from hearts of palm to ensure that you get maximum nutrition without giving up on your favorite foods!


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