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Free Shipping On Orders Over $60,00


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Shorted Delivery

I ordered 4 6-packs and only received 3. I sent photos and multiple emails and was never made whole on my shorted delivery. I will never re-order. Feeling ripped off and disrespected since my emails aren't even being returned now

Great product

Amazing substitute for rice and pasta.

Best product to replace mashed potatoes.

this product surprised me because unlike your rice and pastas, you can not detect the hearts of palm. It is fantastic to fool oneself that they are eating high carb potatoes. A little butter and sour cream take it to the next level.

Love the mashed! Hits the spot for the whole family.


Didn't care for the taste or texture. Sorry I tried.

White rice

I think it’s the best non rice I’ve had! If you keep track you’ll notice it’s not my first order & definitely won’t be my last!

Prepared Meal MEDITERRANEAN - 9oz. (255g) 1 count

Rice and angel hair

Delicious 😋

White Rice 9oz (255g) 1 count
Elizabeth Fortunato

Absolutely love it!

NEW BUNDLE Variety Pasta and Sides- 6 count


Texture o.k. Taste nil, but doesn’t hold sauce.

Love this product

Following a low carb lifestyle, I missed rice. This product is great. The consistency is not the same as rice, but it's a fabulous substitute. I like it in soups in particular.

Creamy mash

The texture was a bit thin. I made my usual additions of cream cheese and sour cream to thicken and add more flavor. Overall, it's still better than mashed cauliflower.


I do not care for the
Szechuan but love the others especially brown rice

Good Stuff

What a treat to be able to join the family in pasta meals without causing a blood sugar spike.

So good

We love this product.

Delicious spice blends

I love all the spices in the starter kit. I tried each one and they made a great addition to my recipes!

Great product, very easy to make, very low in carbs and calories and very healthy. Prefer this to spaghetti squash.

Great flavors

I have enjoyed all the spice blends that I have tried. While they tend to have a lot of sodium, they do impart good flavors. Hearts of palm tend to lack flavor, so these spices really kick up the enjoyment. I like how the hearts of palm products help keep my blood sugar levels low, I just need to watch the sodium levels.

Dont know

Havent tried it yet but am excited to.

Best Ever!,

Haven’t ordered something that I don’t love ❤️

Healthy Alternative

I can no longer eat regular pasta for health reasons. While I would not try to pass the spaghetti off as pasta, it is a wonderful substitute that allows me to enjoy some of my favorite sauces. Next up is to try and make a lo mein dish.

Great keto options

Eating low carb is so much easier now that I tried Natural Heaven. Does it taste exactly like pasta? No, both have little flavor. Most of us eat pasta for the sauces and it is hard to tell the difference.

Great low carb alternative

I really like the taste of hearts of palm, so the slight residual flavor is fine for me. My spouse, however, doesn’t like the flavor. He doesn’t have pre-diabetes like I do, so he prefers potato. For me this picks up the flavor of whatever you put on it, like seasoning, seasoned butter, or gravy. It really positively effects my blood sugar and is excellent for me. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, I highly recommend this product.

Love It

I had the first half of the package with keto enchiladas, barely a blip on my glucose sensor. In the morning I had the rest with my eggs-it was wonderful. So thankful for these products.