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Free Shipping Orders $60 🎁 + 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Shipping Orders $60 🎁 + 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee


Based on 1440 reviews

I am very happy with the product, There all great

Better than thin mints

The mintiest mint chocolate snack to exist wow

Guiltless Yumminess

Crunchy, satisfying, delicious & healthy! Great option for a sweet tooth!


Really like this product. Satisfies my sweet tooth!

Love It Here

I haven’t received one product from Natural bHeaven that I didn’t like. I’m just waiting on an elbow noodle option lol. Love it Here

Game changer

Finally able to enjoy "pasta" again.
So far I have made spaghetti and meatballs, and shrimp Alfredo over angel hair pasta. Best product around as far as I'm concerned!

Great pasta, rice and mashed potatoes

Finally a low carb health organic alternative to pasta, rice and mashed potatoes. I don’t miss any of the unhealthy carbs anymore. In fact now when I eat them they do not give me the same satisfaction they use too. Thank you for putting out a great product.

Amazing, you cant stop eating them

Excellent taste, great for folks on low carb or diabetic and we just started putting them in ice cream!!

Best ever

Wonderful item, taste fantastic!! Will buy again 👍

Variety bundle review.

My wife and I really enjoyed the Angle Hair, Spaghetti, and both kinds of rice. We have not tried the mashed or Lasagna yet but I’m sure they’ll be just as good.

Great snack!

This brownie cookie has really great flavor and crunch. The only way it could be better is if it didn't break up into tiny pieces, but still love them.


Thankfully I like hearts of palm because the taste on the mashed is quite intense, that's even after adding a bit of cream plus seasonings. I'm able to eat it but some family members just couldn't handle the taste of it. So far the best product in my opinion is the rice which I really like.

Oh Yes Finally

Im really happy with it, Preporation is easy and it tastes great

Forever Rice

I am thrilled with all Natural Heaven products. The white rice is added to any broth to give a simple dinner an added boost. Of course you can add some julienned sliced vegetables to your broth. A nice healthy and easy dinner.


They are so good that it’s hard to stop eating them! My husband really liked them too!

Spaghetti - Hearts of Palm Pasta

I'm trying to replace my pasta carbs with this product. I can't say that I didn't like it, but found it watery in the recipe I made. Perhaps I need to figure out how to remove more moisture from it when cooking. My husband thought it was okay, so I'll keep trying to make different recipes with this product.


What a great product!

New Bundle Variety Pasta and Sides - 6 count (54oz) - Keto, Low Carb & Gluten-Free


Absolutely love the taste and texture of this new flavor!

I no longer miss rice

This is the only rice replacement I have found that actually satisfies. It works with everything I need it for, and the flavor is great even with just butter and seasoning. Thank you!!

Hearts of Palm pasta

I love all the hearts of palm pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, angel hair pasta, and the brown rice. All are a definite 5 star rating.

Very tasty

Rice was pretty good the texture was like rice I like it.

Love it!

Taste great and so easy to prepare.

Love this swap for takeout

I have some great Asian and Indian restaurants that I order from regularly. Now I tell them to keep the rice and add some extra sauce and I use Natural Heaven White Rice - Hearts of Palm with these meals. I don't miss the rice at all!