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Very good rice substitute, good texture, versatile, and delicious.

Prepared Meal Variety - 6 count - 255g each
Carolyn Maynard (Vancouver, US)
Our third reorder

We only wish there were a few more varieties, like Mexican, Japanese, or even Italian.

Excellent all, and we'll continue to restock when our supply runs low.

Deliciously guilt free

The texture is very close to traditional pasta and I absolutely love that it is low carb and doesn’t hurt my stomach

Nice keto options

Very nice texture and taste,a wonderful side dish

Great choice to replace carb laden rice!

Best substitute for rice we have found. Rice is usually too filling for me but Natural Heaven is just right! Also love the angel hair and spaghetti pasta!

Great pasta alternative!

We have used the angel hair, spaghetti and both types of rice (brown and white) and we love them all! So glad we found this!

great Lo mein substitute

love chinese Lo mein, but the noodles and not low carb this pasta with some soy sauce mixture solved that problem.

Creamy Mash - Hearts of Palm - 1 count, 09oz (255g) each - Keto, Low Carb & Gluten-Free*

So much better than expected. I added a little cheese and garlic powder. Didn’t expect to like as much as mashed potatoes. Not that it tastes exactly like mashed potato but it’s still a very close second and so much healthier ( in my case anyways)

Asian Prepared Meal - 6 count - 09 oz (255g) each - Low Carb & Vegan

it works

Not pasta for sure. It does work as a filler. Probably the best pasta replacement I have tried so far. Cost is very high.

Healthy and delicious

I love these more than regular lasagna noodles. Yummy

Very tasty

perfect addition for preparing meals for a diabetic

Southwest Meal

The Southwest meal is a real treat. Will be purchasing many more. thank you!!

I didn't like the texture. Tasted rubbery. Would not recommend

Best natural products

I am diabetic and searched for a product that is like pasta but without the carbs. Natural heaven was the answer. I use it to replace ramen in tai soup and to accompany all Italian dishes The lasagna noodles work well too in my own lasagna recipe. Imagine having all my favorite dishes again that were eliminated from my diet until I found Natural Heaven products

Cures Cravings!

I'm a rice and pasta girl! These products cure my cravings! I could eat a whole box, but I don't. Always finding ways to mix with other veges or proteins.

Best Taste

I’ve tried others before finding your product and I am so glad to have found your product because the taste and texture are perfect and there’s no aftertaste. Thank you for making my Ketogenic lifestyle so much easier.

White rice

I like the white rice. Seems more like actual rice than cauliflower.

It was great perfect for a diabetic but u need to lower the price

Still love pasta

Since I have not seen Linguine noodles, I use Spaghetti noodles. I just love the taste and texture of heats of palms. Goes great with Alfredo sauce. I am a very picky eater and finding these noodles was the easy part, Now I just have to find a decent spaghetti sauce, if I just wanna eat Spaghetti

I can’t have rice spikes my blood sugar this is delicious and a really great alternative

White Rice - Hearts Of Palm Rice - 1 count (09oz)
Kevin McConnell (Lafayette, US)

Very good for a diabetic especially but to expensive

It wasn’t what I expected. To expensive for not loving it. Not digging the smell. For that I pay way less for the zero pasta. Sorry

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