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This wonderful low-carb soup is a great winter warmer. It’s packed with seafood goodness and chili heat to bring a whole lot of warming qualities to your plate.


The best way that you could boost this recipe a little would be to try your hand at making your own fish stock. It may sound a little intimidating, but we assure you that it’s actually wonderfully straightforward. There are plenty of recipes online to direct you very specifically indeed, but the general concept is simple - boil fish bones so that the wonderful flavor and nutrients from them can be used in your food at a later date. You can then throw the bones out, knowing that you’ve truly got the maximum flavor and nutrients from them.


In this recipe, we suggest using sriracha as a key ingredient to flavor the soup that the rest of the meal is sitting in. That's a wonderful idea, but you needn’t use it if you’d prefer not to. Instead, feel free to swap it with any other hot sauces that you prefer. Whether you’re using Tabasco, Cholula, or any others, we’re sure you’ll have a tasty time!

You could even try making your own hot sauce - it’s typically very simple and leads to a wonderfully well-rounded sauce that’s perfectly easy to devour.


  • 3 cups Natural Heaven angel hair pasta
  • 4 cups fish stock
  • 2 cups medium shrimp
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp chili flakes/sriracha sauce
  • 1 tsp chopped chives
  • Salt and pepper


  1. First of all, we’d recommend quickly rinsing and draining the angel hair pasta. The main reason taht we suggest this is that during packaging and transportation, the noodles can get a little stuck together. To avoid this having an effect on your meal, separating them by rinsing them is a great idea.
  2. While the angel hair pasta is draining, we’d suggest adding the fish stock to a large pot on the hob and bringing it to a simmer. It shouldn’t take too long for the stock to come to a good temperature, but it’s worth getting a little ahead of it.
  3. When the stock is hot, add the noodles, making sure to shake gently as you add them - this will ensure they start separated after getting into the soup. Next, add the shrimp, olive oil, and chili flakes. Bring the temperature of the soup up a little, so that it’s a gentle boil rather than a bare simmer.
  4. After allowing the food to cook on the hob for fifteen minutes, taste some for seasoning, and see what you think. Be sparing with the salt in this dish, as fish stock is already quite salty - you likely won’t need much.
  5. After the soup has finished cooking, transfer it to bowls, and then decorate them with the thinly sliced chives. The chives are a really nice way to garnish this dish since the green of them and the rest of the sauce are such polar opposites.





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