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Fried Rice, Low Carb and Delicious Taste

Fried Rice, Low Carb and Delicious Taste


This fried rice recipe is a great way to get that classic side dish in front of you with little to no effort at all. It’s effortless, and it’s super low carb!


  • 2 eggs, medium or large-sized
  • A package of Natural Heaven low carb rice
  • 1 tbsp of any liquid seasoning
    • For basic fried rice that will work well with most Chinese dishes, opt for soy sauce
  • Cooking oil
    • Any neutral oil will work perfectly well
  • 1 green onion, for garnish


  1. Start off by cracking two eggs into a mixing bowl, and beating them thoroughly. This is essential to ensure that the rice binds well as it cooks and thereafter - make sure that there are no particularly large chunks of either yolk or white in your eggs after you’ve beaten them.
  2. Add the package of Natural Heaven low-carb rice to the egg mixture, and mix the two together thoroughly. Make sure that every single grain of rice is well coated in the eggs, as this will lead to the perfect texture that you imagine when picturing great fried rice.
    1. We don’t need to boil the Natural Heaven rice, as it is actually pre-cooked! This is really convenient for fried rice, as well as any other rice dish that you might be in the mood for.
  3. To the mixing bowl that you’re working in, add a tablespoon each of your liquid seasoning, and the same volume of neutral cooking oil. Mix the ingredients together thoroughly.
    1. We explained what neutral cooking oil is in another one of our articles, but in case you missed it: neutral oil is any cooking oil that doesn’t have a nascent flavor. For example, olive oil isn’t a neutral oil as it has a nutty flavor, while vegetable oil is a neutral oil, as it doesn’t have much flavor at all.
  4. At this point, finely chop the white and green parts of your green onion. Ensure that you’re slicing very thinly, as this will lead to your food being more intensely flavored later on.
  5. Add some neutral oil to your wok, and bring it to a shimmering temperature. Add the white to light green sections of the green onions, and allow them to fry for a short while. Allowing them to brown slightly and become aromatic flavors the oil, creating green onion oil that will flavor the rest of your dish very effectively.
  6. Turn the temperature under the pan up when the onions have become properly aromatic. Then, add the rice mixture from your mixing bowl, and stir it thoroughly in the pan with the oil and onion - make sure to stir well as this is the part of the recipe which will enable well-distributed flavor.
  7. Add the remaining parts of the green onions, and stir fry everything in the wok for another minute or so. If you’d like to add prawns, chicken, or another type of pre-cooked protein - add them now!
  8. Place the rice on a serving plate and, simply, enjoy!


Fried rice - White rice


Woman eating white rice

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