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Hearts of Palm Sashimi

Hearts of Palm Sashimi

Who said you cannot have lasagna in a low calorie diet? Let us give you an excellent recipe!

About the Recipe:

If you are looking for a keto recipe to enjoy an appetizing Sashimi, this Hearts of Palm Sashimi dish is for you. Easy to make, bursting with flavor, and mixed with lasagna, we assure you this will become your go-to fish recipe!

It’s a perfect dish for people who want something filling and appetizing – for people who like low-carb dishes but don't feel filled with fish, this Hearts of Palm Sashimi is the best combination. Try it out now – yes, you don't need too many ingredients; whatever is in your pantry will be enough!

Here’s what you need:

  • Two cups Natural Heaven Lasagna
  • Two tablespoons soy sauce
  • Thick, rectangular slices of raw: sushi grade – Salmon, Tuna, and Hamachi

What you need to do:

Step # 1: Start off the process by rinsing the Natural Heaven Lasagna. Wash them properly. Now drain off any extra water.

Step # 2: Take one slice of fish and one slice of Hearts of Palm – repeat as many times as desired. 

Step # 3: Now dip the sashimi into soy sauce and enjoy the hassle free dish!

Indeed, Sashimi is one of the most authentic Japanese cuisine plates to taste!

Chef’s Tip of the Day:

If you want to boil lasagna, fill a large pot with water and add salt. Bring it to boil and add in lasagna sheets. Let it cook for eight minutes.  Using Natural Heaven Lasagna is an excellent choice as it is sustainable, low carb and gluten free. Also, it only has seventy calories and two net carbs. Isn’t that just an amazing deal? Wait, there’s more to it. It has no water added and is keto and Paleo diet friendly while being sugar free. 

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