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Spaghetti Squash Bolognese by Texy

Spaghetti Squash Bolognese by Texy

This spaghetti squash bolognese is a really simple dinner that comes together before you know it. This makes it a brilliant candidate for one of the best midweek meals to feed the family! 

To boost your bolognese a little, consider adding a tablespoon or so of tomato puree to the beef as it cooks. This will allow the beef to absorb some of that tomato flavor really quickly, leading to a wonderfully tasty and succulent way to prepare it. You could also add some garlic paste at this point, to create the same effect but with the addition of great garlic.


  • 1 packet Natural Heaven Angel Hair low-carb pasta
  • 1 jar tomato pasta sauce
    • You can use your favorite jarred brand of pasta sauce, or you could make one yourself to use in the recipe - the choice is yours!
  • 400g grass-fed ground beef
  • 2 diced carrots
  • 2 diced zucchinis
  • 1 diced green bell pepper


  1. This is a simple recipe, but we need to get started with plenty of dicing and chopping. The veggies that need to be processed, here, are carrots, zucchinis, and green bell pepper. None of these need too much special prep though, of course, you need to remove the seed core and stalk from the bell pepper. We would suggest peeling the carrot, too, though this is up to you. Finely dice the vegetables into extremely small pieces. This way, as they cook, they’ll almost disintegrate, leaving you with a soft sauce with plenty of flavors.
  2. Once the veg is prepared, we’d suggest moving on to cooking the beef itself. It doesn’t need too much cooking, but since this is a bolognese, make sure to cook it with Italian flavors in mind. Add a little oil to the pan, and then fry the beef, being sure to break up the large chunk of beef into smaller pieces. As it cooks, the meat should crumble. Just before it’s fully cooked, season with salt and pepper to your liking.
  3. After the beef is fully cooked, add the prepared vegetables and mix everything well. If the pan is looking a little dry, add a splash more oil - this shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s worth bearing in mind.
  4. After those vegetables have cooked a little, and you can get the aroma of them in your kitchen, add in the Natural Heaven Angel Hair pasta. Mix it thoroughly, and place a lid on the pot. After around four minutes, the pasta will be warmed perfectly.
    1. The pasta itself is pre-cooked and, thus, doesn’t need to be boiled as you would with dry pasta.
  5. After around four minutes on the hob, when the pasta is warmed through, add the jar of pasta sauce. Mix this in thoroughly, and allow it to come to temperature over a low flame if it isn’t already warm.
  6. Finally, serve the pasta with a fork, so that you can twirl the mixture around it and eat heartily! We would suggest serving with a small sprinkling of parmesan cheese, though this is down to personal taste.
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